connecting to the other side

From early on in my life I've always known something was different. I would just "know" things about people but thought it was normal. It wasn't until my late 20's that I knew something was up. Then in my 30's I tapped into what was happening. Little did I realize spirit was trying to come through with information & messages for people I was around. My gift is to connect to the other side by validating their soul & then relaying messages. This incredible ability takes a minute to wrap your mind around and I completely understand. It's always good to have a sense of healthy skepticism but it's not believing in ME it's believing that your loved ones & spirit guides are in fact around you guiding you during this earthly duration. With everything in life we have good & bad intent. The intent behind my readings is always good allowing closure, healing and growth. Sometimes it's very difficult to continue life when we're so pulled back from a loss and during a connection to a loved one we receive messages that validate permission to move on and it's so peaceful and a gift that I would love to give you. There is no dark magic here by the way. I'm not conjuring up anything that isn't already around you. The best part is when spirit guides take the wheel allowing us to take a look at our future and growth with message. I'm constantly recording sessions so you can see for yourself how the process works. I'm an open book and I invite you into my space or via zoom. It doesn't matter where you are this opportunity is available.  

My Story

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