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Do you have what it takes?

Do you often wonder what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks you're doing with your life being a photographer? Starting, but more importantly, maintaining a business of this nature is one of the hardest things that I've ever done with my life. But, without it, I wouldn't be doing what I absolutely love doing!

Of course we all would live in a box, if that meant that we got to do photography full time..for free. BUT our lives require us to make money and so should our business. But for some reason we have such a hard time charging or taking payment for our talent that it hinders our ability of growing a striving business. I speak from experience when I say, not everyone will love your work or what you have to offer, which is exactly what you want. You want to work with people that blend with your brand & style of art, you want people that appreciate you as a photographer, you want a business that is mature & sophisticated BUT do you have what it takes to get that!?!? 

OF COURSE YOU DO! I want to give you the tools to do this!

If I can do it, you can do it!
I was a super young dude, newlywed with no experience of any kind. I googled "how to make a background blurry." I had no clue on anything photography related. I didn't have kids, I didn't know any connections outside my family, I was stuck in this rut of "beginners sorrow"
You know the feeling of making excuses like-
"I live in a small town...."
"I don't have money to invest..." 
"I moved to Oklahoma a few years ago & don't know anyone..."
"I'm scared...."
"I don't know my self worth..."

Do these sound familiar? I was there once! This struggle is real. BUT change won't happen unless change happens. Think about that for a second! Your life won't change unless you start changing the way you think but more importantly, the way you DO!

Take action of your OWN dream. If you're the one to dream it then you're the one that should have it!  

I created a 3 day boot camp for photographers that need assistance in getting their feet off the ground & their butt into gear! This portrait photography business boot camp is the perfect opportunity for anyone that is ready but also willing to work hard, stay driven and is ready to have a business transformation. 

If you're still reading, this may be a sign that I'm speaking to you specifically. I would encourage you to view the webpage, look over the information. If this is something that is pulling at your heart strings it may be a sign telling you that you have what it takes & now is the time to move forward! 

You'll notice the information including pricing is included below. If financially, you're having a hard time ask me about the weekly installments. (longer & smaller payments)

I hope  to see you in September! You know you can always ask me any questions. 

Best of luck to you on your amazing photography journey! 

Brandon B. 



This boot camp will walk you through the entire business journey of having a portrait business.  Brandon will give you the tools necessary to run a successful portrait business. Be prepared for a huge push & kick in the butt during these 3 days to get your business up to speed to make the money you need to make. Only take this course if you're prepared to work hard & achieve big goals!

Deposit: $350
Balance: $800
**deposit is non-refundable and balance is due two weeks before class**

When: February 23rd, 24th & 25th

Class is from 9am-7:30pm all 3 days

Location: The Nest On May



What is covered?
streamlining your online presence
Online Galleries
Online Payments
Online Forms
Online Booking

Social Media Advertising 

Building A Website

Putting together all of these resources with Brandon. Hands on training with setting up everything together. Learn to create & maintain your website using all the above resources.

I.P.S. (in-person sales)
Pricing & Packages
First Year Plans

Wedding Packages

Regular Pricing
Policies & Procedures

Gallery Presentations
Taking Orders/Payments
Coaching through the process
Learn how you can transition into I.P.S. if you're a shoot & burn photographer.


Learn Brandon's edits & his quick editing workflow
Several techniques & skills you will learn through adobe photoshop & bridge

Graphic Design 
learn how to create products like

announcements, mini books, collages ect.

Create buttons & illustrations  for your website

Wedding Portion

Wedding Contracts
Wedding Consultations

Wedding Timelines
Wedding Pricing/Packages
You will experience a live wedding with Brandon Burton on a specific date of your choosing. Your images will be used for your marketing. OKC & Tulsa weddings available. These wedding dates are not 1 of the 3 dates this class is taking place. There are separate dates for weddings.


Brandon will photograph headshots for each attendee. These headshots will be used during the website building process. 

You will be coached by Brandon while shooting the following sessions. These images will be used for your portfolio & marketing.
Maternity - Newborn

6 months - First Birthday

Engagement - High School Senior


"Brandon is an open book. You may walk into the class feeling lost or in a business "slump", when you leave the class you feel motivated, excited and ready to make new goals. Brandon gives you his keys to success and illustrates how to take each step forward, think outside the box and is always there as a mentor to help your dreams and business grow."



—  Scarlett, Moore Oklahoma



9705 N. May
The Village, OK 73120


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