Maternity Sessions



20-30 Minutes with spouse and kids
up to 2 outfits for mom

All edited digitals withprint release
In Studio: $295

Outdoors: $325

2-3 Weeks after your appointment you get an online gallery with your images to download to your computer. It will be up to you to put your images on a USB or external drive. 

The best time for maternity photos is usually 30-35 weeks but of course each person each client is different and may prefer a different time frame. Whenever you prefer is best. You may book you session online. The time slots accommodate the sunlight & placement for best lighting.

You may have up to two outfits. Please let Brandon know at the beginning of your session if you do have an outfit change so the session is planned accordingly. Amazon is a great place to look if you're wanting a flowy dress. If you need a dress Brandon has several at the studio you may borrow. If you wish to borrow a dress please contact the studio before your session to make arrangements.

If you have kids they may join and of course your partner may join.

Lasts usually about 20-30 minutes.


You may choose to have your session in studio or outdoors. If your session takes place outdoors Brandon will text you the night before or the morning of your session where to meet. It will be at an outdoor location in OKC. Outdoor sessions are always booked consecutively so it's important that Brandon has his sessions in the same area for that evening. If you need an exact on site location then contact him before booking online. Extra fees may apply depending on your desired location.

It's not a bad idea to get your hair & make-up professionally done.

You may bring a few items as props but that is optional. Less is more.

Make sure you're hydrated and wear proper shoes to walk.


  • I'm a fan of bribery however, make sure to only give it to the kiddos after the session. I promise you it doesn't work if you give it to them before the photos. Dad of three kids, I totally get it. 

  • Bring a snack & a water bottle. Sometimes a nice break with some food helps the kids do better.

  • Bring a noise maker (toy) if your kids are of age that will need it. I don't bring anything with me usually since each family is so different so if your kiddo has a favorite toy put that in your bag.

  • If your kiddo is younger it's always a good idea to change their outfit on location. If you choose to do this be sure to get to the location early enough to start on time.

  • Relax. I know family photos are stressful, I totally understand. The best thing you can do for the session is to have low expectations and to breath. I promise things go a lot better when we don't stress too much about it. Let your kids be them. Life will be great. It's my job to get everyone smiling, comfortable and picture awesome. 

  • You will have my cell number after you book online for immediate contact. Please text or call me if you need anything.


3825 NW 166th Ste C6
Edmond, OK 73012

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