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PRICE: $395

40 Minute Session


**Please watch the video below to schedule a 40 minute session*

use coupon code: BIRTHDAY so it reflects the $395 price*

Book your 1st birthday session below by choosing either studio or outdoors.

2-3 outfit changes (depending on baby)

the 3rd one may be a cake smash

Things to bring:
A cake for the cake smash

Wipes for clean up for the baby

A plastic bag to put dirty clothes in & possibly a towel for baby.

It's optional, but you may bring props to coordinate to the birthday theme. This is optional and not required. Some prefer "less is more" 
If you have a vision please feel comfortable with sharing this with me at your session but please be sure to bring any specifics to bring your vision to life. If you prefer white and simple please voice that at your session. If you come with a cake and a box of items and say, "Do you!" then that's cool also. I'm flexible :)

My online system is designed with 20 minute increments but this session requires a 40 minute booking. Please watch the video below to learn how to do that.
You'll need to choose two consecutive time slots for example:
10:00am & 10:20am do not choose times without them being consecutive that will mean someone will show in between your 40 minute session.

If you have questions please text me



Book a 40 minute session using the instruction video below and use coupon code BIRTHDAY to get the right total


  • If you choose to have a cake smash be sure to bring a small personal cake, a sack to place dirty clothes and a towel. The cake should also be lighter frosting, no fondant and make sure it's not frozen.

  • I'm a fan of bribery however, make sure to only give it to the kiddos after the session. I promise you it doesn't work if you give it to them before the photos. Dad of three kids, I totally get it. 

  • Bring a snack & a water bottle(drink) . Sometimes a nice break with some food helps the kids do better.

  • Bring a noise maker (toy) if your kids are of age that will need it. I don't bring anything with me usually since each family is so different so if your kiddo has a favorite toy put that in your bag.

  • If your kiddo is younger it's always a good idea to change their outfit right before the session. If you choose to do this be sure to get to the location early enough to start on time.

  • Relax. I know photos are stressful, I totally understand. The best thing you can do for the session is to have low expectations and to breath. I promise things go a lot better when we don't stress too much about it. Let your kids be them. Life will be great. It's my job to get everyone smiling, comfortable and picture awesome. 

  • You will have my cell number after you book online for immediate contact. Please text or call me if you need anything.

After your session?

Your images will be sent to you to download to your computer 2-3 weeks after your session. Please book your appointment to accommodate the turn around time if you need your photos back by a certain time. The online gallery will be sent to your email for you to download to your computer. It will be your responsibility to put your digitals on a flash drive or external backup. You may print where you would prefer however, the studio offers printing services that you can use from your online gallery.