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Do the unthinkable! Learn how to do...



Triple your income!

Can you imagine shooting less and making more? That's the exact reason to do In-person sales. But let me guess, you hate being "salesy" 

and guess what, ME TOO!
This is why I hate calling it In-Person Sales but rather call it In-Person Informing. To be honest, it took me years to transition over because I was battling the same things you are. First of all, what If no one purchased anything, or what if they didn't like my photos. I was so fearful of the "what if's" that it started to control my business and if you know me then you know I'm not one to let the "fear bug" get to me but it did. It controlled me for years. I then realized what was more "salesy" was saying "book now" or "better hurry spots are going" and that's what we say on Facebook and it sounds so much more like a salesman than informing someone of what they can choose to purchase and that's exactly what this online class teaches you. Last question. How do you know if someone would have spent more money with you if you didn't cap them at the $299 price? Let's face it, you want to make more money but you're in your own way by only letting your clients to spend so little. Let's change this! Join me for a 3 week class that once you get started you work at your own pace!


This video will walk you through the process of In-Person-Sales in three weeks. Each week you will receive a new video with different lessons and strategies. This is not a scary adjustment, my clients tell me all the time they love seeing their images with me. It's a bonding and connecting moment with them. Click below to join me! You'll start when you sign up & work at your own pace.

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