Newborn Sessions


You need to make sure you are reserved and locked in before you have your baby. The best time to fill out your reservation form is between 20-35 weeks. Brandon only takes a certain number of newborns a month so to make sure you're locked in use the "Request Availability" button. A reservation is when you pay for your session fee and this locks in your spot. The day or the day after you deliver you'll text Brandon to book your actual newborn session within 14 days of birth. If you do not contact Brandon accordingly there is no way to secure your date within the appropriate time.

Please do not bring outfits for the newborn. Brandon supplies all the wraps and props for the session. If you choose to do sibling or family photos then you'll want to think about solid colors and minimal print. Majority of the group photos will be taken in front of a white wall or with a white couch so it's recommended to not be in all white. 

Parents/siblings may join and those photos will start off the session then will resume with just the newborn.

The session may take up to 2 hours long, depending on the baby. This allows plenty of time to feed, change and sooth baby for those sweet shots.


Newborn sessions take place at Brandon's Studio. Located at 9705 N. May The Village (OKC) 73120

The session fee is $195 and will be paid when you make your reservation.

The session fee doesn't include any prints or digitals, it covers Brandon's time. You will return to the studio 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot. At this viewing & ordering session you will purchase your images. Use the product catalogue button below to view what will be available to purchase.

The baby's first year plan is a year full of sessions including newborn, 6 months & first birthday.
This plan is purchased at your newborn session viewing. The baby plan includes all edited digitals and print credit that can be applied to each of your sessions. You can find more information on the
last page of the newborn catalogue

Newborn photos with Brandon are very chill & relaxed. You will never feel rushed. Baby will have plenty of time to eat and there is plenty of room in the studio for moms that prefer privacy during breast feeding. 


  • I'm a fan of bribery however, make sure to only give it to the kiddos after the session. I promise you it doesn't work if you give it to them before the photos. Dad of three kids, I totally get it. 

  • Bring a snack & a water bottle. Sometimes a nice break with some food helps the kids do better.

  • Bring a noise maker (toy) if your kids are of age that will need it. I don't bring anything with me usually since each family is so different so if your kiddo has a favorite toy put that in your bag.

  • If your kiddo is younger it's always a good idea to change their outfit on location. If you choose to do this be sure to get to the location early enough to start on time.

  • Relax. I know photos are stressful, I totally understand. The best thing you can do for the session is to have low expectations and to breath. I promise things go a lot better when we don't stress too much about it. Let your kids be them. Life will be great. It's my job to get everyone smiling, comfortable and picture awesome. 

  • You will have my cell number after you book online for immediate contact. Please text or call me if you need anything.



9705 N. May
The Village, OK 73120


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