Starts off with a Business Analysis of your business currently. We dive into realistic goals and expectations for the year. We go over a strategy for the first quarter and ways to measure the success. 


- Zoom or in-person meeting every 2-3 weeks to check in and make sure everything is on path with your goals and "assignments" are getting finished. 

- Branding sessions with Brandon every 2-3 months to keep your personal branding current. These sessions will be different so your personal branding stays current and updated. The raw digitals will be sent to you so you can have full control of your editing style & preference. 

- Wedding Shadowing and portfolio building (8 weddings max)

Follow Brandon at weddings and learn the ropes of the wedding industry. Bring your camera and take portfolio building photos. Don't worry you won't be responsible for anything. This is strictly for you to shadow and take photos for your portfolio.


- Newborn shadowing & portfolio building (10 newborns max)

Experience an extensive training process with Brandon with 10 newborn sessions. WIth hands on training and one-on-one mentoring you'll learn several techniques to have a successful newborn session.


- Studio day shadowing (5 days max) This will be great to experience what it's like to have a studio and to experience a day in my life. The main purpose is to observe and occasionally take photos if the time is right. The objective here is to experience time management and watch how I handle a full day of sessions. 


- Access to all my shootouts. There will be a minimum of 8 shootouts scheduled for 2021. These shootouts will consist of mainly outdoor sessions with a couple of studio sessions. These will be scheduled and based on the group's interest and need. A huge portfolio building opportunity. Potential styled sessions may also occur. 


- Pricing structure management. We'll start with your pricing during your business analysis and make changes if needed. Six months into the program we'll do this again and modify accordingly. 

- Workflow. We'll establish a workflow for your business that will be easy to maintain and will allow you to give you more time to spend in other areas of your life. All this is based on your regular daily life. Each business is different and it's my job to help find a balance. Well a close to balance because it's nearly impossible to have a successful fully balanced life (am I right!?!?)

- Assignments. Each member will have their own assigned objectives to move their business forward. This is personalized based on each member. It's important that these tasks get done to have a successful movement forward. 

- Website building and maintaining. 
This portion of your business is very important and I'm here to guide you along the way. Every 3-4 months we'll take a look at your website and make sure everything is constantly updated. I will help with design if needed and give all the direction possible. 

- Editing. We will have up to three 90 minute one-on-one editing sessions to help you grow in that area of your craft. 

- Contracts, policies & procedures. I will make sure you're set up with the proper agreements and contracts with your workflow. 

- Overall your business functioning properly is my priority. This year membership is designed to get you to running a photography business as a full time career. Serious inquires only and as long as you're willing to do the work I'm willing to help you! Fill out the form below to apply.


Membership: $425 monthly starts February 1st

Deadline to apply is January 26th 

If you would like to discuss over the phone please text 405-568-9883 to schedule a time to chat this over.

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