Professional Camera Equipment

Photography Camp

for kids + teens

ages: 9-12 & 13-17

Edmond, OK


Is your child expressing interest in photography??
If so, this summer a new & exciting opportunity is taking place for kids & teens! Separated in two age groups; 9-12 & 13-17 - your kiddo can participate in a very unique photography summer camp experience. 

For the first time, Oklahoma City has a Photography Summer Camp for young artists teaching them new skills, creative freedom and proper etiquette within the amazing world of Photography! 

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meet the instructor

It's nice to meet you! First & foremost, thank you for reading and looking over the information. I'm very excited for this summer camp and have put in so much thought on how to have the most success during this experience. I have three boys ages 7, 4 & 2 so I totally understand chaos and life with kids. :) I wanted to offer something completely different this summer, espeically for kids. This past year they have been robbed from several experiences and so I thought having a creative outlet is exactly what they would need. I've been teaching professionals for six years and this is the first time offering a summer camp for kids. In fact, Oklahoma doesn't really have anything like this and I'm ecstatic to offer something new & exciting for the kids. From start to finish we'll be learning, creating and displaying art all while maintaining proper etiquette and formalities during the summer camp. It means a lot to get the chance to teach young artists and I'm so pumped for what they're about to learn & create. I'm teaming up with some local professionals and some volunteers to offer the best experience possible & I hope to see your kiddo in class! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 


Brandon's photography summer camp is an opportunity for young artists to create and develop skills that will allow for them to continue to grow in the arts. Each day we learn composition elements with an assignment and at the end of the week each artist will have prints displayed during a formal art gallery that family can come to. Overall students will learn skill, techniques, creative freedom and etiquette of the art.

The projects that we'll be working on will parallel to learning a component with art composition. Each project has an objective to learn a specific part of the photography world. The artwork will be printed and displayed at the Formal Art Gallery the last evening of the summer camp.

Here are some examples of what we will be going over:



Creating a color wheel with colored pencils taped to a circle rod we’re going to learn elements of abstract photography.



This photo project will demonstrate a three dimensional perspective with a model coming through a hole in a wall. Using construction paper, a corner of a cabinet & the right angle this project will give a natural take on how to achieve an illusion.​



Learning the composition of lines and how it influences the composition of an image. Using lines and the sun we’re going to put together a really awesome effect and lay it over a photo of a portrait or object.​



Using a set of chains and water splashes we’ll capture a super intense action portrait. Learning to capture motion without blur and topping it off with how to edit the image with a dramatic flair. 



This demonstration will show how to capture action with basic tools and a very safe approach this photograph will prove to the students a difference kind of magic behind the camera.



Each student will bring something "small" from home and we'll learn the power of perspective by making that item appear to be real life. Depending on the group we may even add an element of surprise by photoshopping the student into the photo to really give a different perspective on things.



Each student will choose items to display a vibrant and colorful photo. Using the rules of the color wheel students will see how different colors compliment each other.


Black & White 

The student will have a few options to choose from during this project. The objective is learning shadows and how to implement black & white into their imagery.



This element of photography allows for all those close up shots displaying the details. Each student will have a few items to choose from and will get to explore the fine details of macro photography.


Polaroid Fun! 

Who doesn't love a good polaroid project!? The students will have an opportunity to enjoy some polaroid fun by putting together a collage of images connected to emotions. This will be awesome!



Learning how to create a silhouette using natural light and manual mode metering. This will teach the students how to navigate lighting and shadows. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 8.17.14 AM.png


We will have a few people come in for students to practice taking portraits. These images will be more artistic than commercial. Learning how to capture the better angles all while learning how to place parts of the body for a more of an appealing look.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 8.27.21 AM.png


Learning a few techniques in photoshop we'll learn overlays. This is a great element in photoshop that will allow for students to place things like bubbles, dandelions and sun flares in their images.

Graphic Design Basics

Students will learn some basic graphic design in photoshop. Learning how to navigate things like texts, shapes, layers and putting items together to create a printable document.

Enjoy a formal art gallery the Friday evening displaying your student’s art.

This is an opportunity for your child to experience first hand what it’s like

to be a part of an art gallery. We’ll learn proper etiquette and formalities

during this experience.

2021 DATES


Ages 9-12

July 5th-9th 9:00am-12:30pm

Art Gallery will be held on July 9th at 6:30pm

Ages 13-17

July 5th-9th 1:30pm-5:00pm

Are Gallery will be held on June 18th at 6:30pm

1. Your student will need a DSLR Camera that has the manual mode (M) with a lens. I will have lenses for certain cameras if needed. If you're unsure if your equipment will work email Brandon.
**Camera rental fee $75 add on. We will need to reserve all the rentals by June 6th to secure a camera for anyone that needs one. There's a company that rents our DSLR cameras and we're grateful they are working with us. We will keep the rentals over night to remain safe & secure.**

2. A laptop. If you don't have one then you can mark on your enrollment that you don't have one and we can pair kids up at different computers to share. We are limited on computers so if you have one your student can bring that would be very helpful. 

**we'll have a folder/notebook for your student to keep any notes & handouts in.

Enrollment: $225 per student

Enrollment also includes

1) One Summer Camp T-Shirt

2) Binder & notebook

3) Headshots for your student (displayed during art gallery) You'll also receive the digital copy.

4) Art Gallery Prints

Each student will have several large prints of their work to display during the art gallery the last evening of the summer camp. You'll be able to take everything printed home. These are going to be professional premium prints. 


  • There will only be room for 16-20 students per age group

  • Masks will NOT be required for either students or volunteers. Please note masks are not required.

  • A model release will need to be signed. Images & video during the summer camp will be taken and used for Brandon's website & social media. The only purpose is to share behind the scenes of the class and use the content for the following year.

  • A "code of conduct"& a "liability waiver" will need to be signed for each student.

  • Due to the nature of the purchase there are no refunds. If you enroll and are no longer interested or available then someone can purchase your spot from you.

  • Pick up & drop off: There will be a system in place so we know who is picking up your student. Parents are allowed in the studio to drop off their kiddo to get them settled. We do ask that parents do not stay unless they are signed up as a volunteer.  For any students driving we need parent permission that they will be leaving on their own. The safety of our students is very important and we appreciate your corporation.   


Students, parents & staff are expected to maintain an environment free from harassment, intimidation, bullying and/or violence & free from bias & discrimination. We will maintain high standards of conduct, moral & ethical behavior.

Enrollment or employment will be terminated if one doesn't comply properly. I'm excited to open my doors to a new learning experience for our kids and I have full confidence we can have a successful summer camp with lots of fun and learning opportunities. 




QUESTIONS? TEXT ME: 405-568-9883