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Episode Six:
One would call her a birth ninja and some would just call her an amazing photographer, mentor and human being. Meet Tavia Redburn, a birth & newborn photographer in Oklahoma and I couldn't be more excited to have her by my side this year for some education opportunities for photographers of all over. Listen to our discussion on birth photography and how you can jump into the industry!
Episode Five:
Cortney Kane Sides is a spiritual advisor and Brandon spoke with her about trusting that energy pull and listening to the inner voice. A magical conversation that is a must! You can find Cortney Kane Sides on Facebook or her website.  
Episode Four:
Kami Kelly discusses how she is balancing being a full time mom, a full time nurse and a working photographer! We go over ways on how to time manage but more importantly, not to feel guilty for trying to balance everything. 
Find Kami Kelly on her Facebook or Website
Episode Three:
We all battle life and what it comes our way but that shouldn't mean our dreams should be placed on hold. Teresa Byrd is an incredible example of staying strong, brave and motivated to keep her business alive. From loosing a son and battling a bad marriage Teresa has demonstrated so much 
bravery. Listen to her story and find out how she came back from loosing her business during the recession to now having a profitable business again.
Find Teresa Byrd on her Facebook or Website

You can find Kaitlin on Facebook or on her website

Episode Two:
From quitting her full time job to now operating a full time studio, Brandon & Katie discuss how she keeps her business running, the winter blues and what keeps her clients wanting more. Learn how Brandon & his students can make thousands of dollars by using his Product Launchpad.
Find Katie Talley on her Facebook or Website
Episode One:
Kaitlin & Brandon talk about their home birth experience even after a c-section. They also cover their weird uber experience,  marriage in small business & how a doula can change any birth story

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