If you need specific training on a certain area then a private mentorship would be exactly what you need. Spend a certain amount of time with Brandon on anything specific you need.

Booking a private mentorship is one of the best ways to get the best one on one attention where your business needs it. These private mentorships are customed to fit your business & your needs. You have two options to choose from, four or eight hours. Within these hours we could do anything from shooting, to editing, from website design to marketing. Anything goes!​


I've traveled to other studios & assited photographers prepare & find the best way to work in their space. I've also met photographers on location for outdoor session shooting and camera mentoring. The usual private mentorship includes the photographers coming to my studio where we will go over whatever is needed.


Private mentorships are my favorite & I would love to meet you!

The process of booking a private mentorship is easy. You simply fill out the application below so I can get some information and I'll be in touch. I'll put together a quote based off what you're wanting and if you're interested we can move forwrad with the date/time. Since each private mentorship is a little different, the price might vary. I'm also not afraid to work within budget brackets so don't be scared of applying. I wish you the best luck with everything & I hope to be a part of your success story!


9705 N. May
The Village, OK 73120


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