Do you own a "Do It Yourself" business?

Where you are doing it ALL!
Self-promoting businesses are one of the toughest businesses to run because there isn't usually a large budget for anything leaving you stuck handling literally everything. 

will give you a huge insight on how you can transform the way you look at online marketing and how you can easily do it while raising kids. Let's face it you're also a parent! Let me be the first to say how hard it is finding balance between business & family, I'm convinced equal balance doesn't work. However, there are better & easier ways of running a business that results in more time with your family.


A great way to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn how to effectively self-promote your brand! 

A popular list of occupations that could attend but not limited to would include:
Graphic Designers - Event Planners - Birth Workers - Realtors - Attorneys - Retail Store Owners - Photographers - Videographers - DJ - Make Up Artist - Venue Owners - Web Designers - or any job that requires to promote yourself! 

  • Learn to self-promote your brand

  • Learn how to work Facebook to your advantage

  • Learn content marketing.

  • Learn Brandon's product launchpad that will help you launch products, events & services.

  • PLUS you will receive a complimentary headshot with a digital copy to use for YOUR self-promoting journey!

Where & When?

What you will learn!

The Nest On May
9705 N. May
The Village, OK
A flight of stairs are required to walk up

Sunday, June 24th 3pm-7pm



"Brandon is an open book. You may walk into the class feeling lost or in a business slump, when you leave the class you feel motivated, excited and ready to make new goals. Brandon gives you his keys to success and illustrates how to take each step forward, think outside the box and is always there as a mentor to help your dreams and business grow."


"Amazing class! If you are on the fence about pursuing your passion in any field, you NEED to take this class. It is worth every penny and Brandon is a wonderful teacher/mentor. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and I cannot wait to learn more from him in this coming year!"


"I have attended a couple of Brandon's workshops and this one did not disappoint. It was jammed pack with all kinds of useful information for running a successful business. Brandon's passion for teaching and helping the photography community is amazing! He is so encouraging and this industry is blessed to have him. He is a wealth of knowledge and his larger than life personality makes the hours fly by. Thanks for everything Brandon! You Rock!"


"I am always recommending you Brandon, You are one HUGE open book and I will forever thank you for that! You made my passion a profitable business, and I promise you one day I will quit my day job!"


"This class was absolutely amazing and eye opening. I went into this with an open mind ready to hear everything Brandon had to say and I left with a brand new mind set and attitude for my business. Brandon was completely open and honest with this class, and didn't sugar coat anything. He made me realize it's okay to think outside the box, and want to change things in the my industry, and he also made it very important to make you realize that the photography industry will tell you what to do or what you should be doing but it's okay to be different. My husband went with me to this class because I thought it would be beneficial for him to hear everything Brandon had to say so he would be a support system for me and help remind me of what Brandon said when I become discouraged because it is going to happen. My suggestion for future students of this class is to go open minded, take lots and lots of notes, and remember your time is important. I would recommend it to everyone I know."



9705 N. May
The Village, OK 73120


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