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In my opinion there are no secrets in this industry, just quicker answers. And if you give me two full days I promise to give you the biggest insight into this industry that you didn't know was possible. If this industry is overwhelming for you, this seminar is perfect for you. If you're just starting or if you're a seasoned photographer that feels stuck I promise this seminar will open your eyes to so many possibilities.


Getting a head start in this industry is the best thing you can do & I can help you do just that!


"Stumbled over Brandon's Ad for the business seminar and I'm so glad I did the 3 hour drive from Texas and staying overnight was well worth it!! Everything was amazing!! Very informative and life changing! He's so fun and his story is one to die for! I'm still on a high and studying all notes and guidelines!!! Thank you so much for sharing your heart, passion and techniques with others! I can't wait until you come to Dallas I have people waiting on you. Be blessed. Don't think twice about it I didn't and I had never heard of him. He was God sent."

- Jessica Allen

If you are already a photographer with their business up and running or even just thinking about becoming a photographer... TAKE BRANDON BURTONS BUSINESS SEMINAR! It will be life changing for you! He has a very successful business and WANTS to share his success with others. He is fun and likes to have a good time, so you definately wont be bored talking about business.... even the tax info was great! Thank you Brandon for taking the time to teach me and many others! I look forward to our one on one mentor session soon!

- Holly Erickson



Venue 102

94 W. 1st St.

Edmond, OK 73003

If you're coming from out of town hotels off i35 & 2nd street or hotels on memorial


January 18th & 19th, 2020




One of the most important parts of running your business is establishing your brand & knowing how to manage it. I believe the ultimate strategy is knowing who you are as a person & as an artist and everything else falls in place. At the business workshop you'll learn how to create your brand from the ground up.


In order to communicate to future & current clients, a marketing platform needs to be created. There are several ways of doing this, and at the workshop we'll find out which way works for you.


In order to market on social media it's important to know your client. Chances are high that your client has a phone on them at all times & uses social media at least once a day. Because of this, social media is a powerful tool to utilize. Now is the time to master this.

I.P.I. In-Person-Informing (IPS)

Most call it I.P.S. (In-Person-Sales) but I call it I.P.I. (In-Person-Informing) This method of pricing & delivery of your images will save your business! If you're tired of hustling to make a penny this feature to your sessions has been proven to triple your profit margins. It's not about being a "salesman" it's informing your clients!


I discuss the newborn and wedding photography industry, since they are two separate beasts. Both are very important to hear about and it's crucial to pick one or the other to specialize in. I'll go in depth in topics and contracts, timelines and so much more!


Have you found yourself surrounded by clients that don't blend well with you & your business? It's because you haven't zoned in on the people that you want to communicate with. If you have no marketing platform you have no way of communicating who you are or what you do to those that will listen. Learn how to target exactly the people you want to work with.


The occasional sale or promotion can be a tricky task unless you know what to do. It's time to start selling out every sale you host, and with the tools from the workshop you can expect to do just that.


How many 'no shows' or 'cancellations' have you had? Did they pay? Probably not! It's very important to have your clients pay beforehand & with an online booking system they can do just that. At the seminar I'll walk you through the process of creating this system.


Nothing is more frustrating than for a client to now know what to expect or how to prepare. Or for the photographer to encounter situations that cause problems. At the business workshop learn how to avoid problematic situations but all while doing no extra work.


Venue 102

94 W. 1st St.

Edmond, OK 73003

January 18th & 19th, 2020


coffee + snacks
and lunch will be provided

Normal Price: $299 Per Ticket


1 Ticket: $99

2 Tickets: $149

*early bird enrollment ends December 31st*



"Before the class even began, I was very anxious to see what the subjects would be on. I had a vision on what to expect since I follow Brandon on social media {outgoing personality & a contagious smile}. The vision turned out to be even better!! I took 15 pages of notes in a college rule notebook. Ever since I came home, I have been reviewing the notes every single day & applying changes little by little. These helpful tricks & tips will help me expand my business, my personal development, & educate others who come to me for advice on their session. Yes, this class is worth every single penny. 


My favorite part of the class was everything. Do I really need to narrow it down? It's hard to choose which exact part was my absolute favorite because Brandon made everything he taught into good use for me & my business. If I had to choose though, it would be the pricing structure, forms, & the way to present yourself. And of course the giveaways....I didn't win anything, but that is perfectly okay. They were just little breaks here & there between subjects. I really enjoyed that as well, it just helps your brain transition better. 


For those who are getting ready to take the course, sit in the front row, have your pen/pencil & notebook ready, & go there with a positive attitude. It's such a life changing course. You will see such an amazing change in your business & in yourself when you apply his work to your work."


"This class was absolutely amazing and eye opening. I went into this with an open mind ready to hear everything Brandon had to say and I left with a brand new mind set and attitude for my business. Brandon was completely open and honest with this class, and didn't sugar coat anything. He made me realize it's okay to think outside the box, and want to change things in the photography industry, and he also made it very important to make you realize that the photography industry will tell you what to do or what you should be doing but it's okay to be different. My husband went with me to this class because I thought it would be beneficial for him to hear everything Brandon had to say so he would be a support system for me and help remind me of what Brandon said when I become discouraged because it is going to happen. My suggestion for future students of this class is to go open minded, take lots and lots of notes, and remember your work is important and there are plenty of room for all of us in this industry. This class was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone I know.."


"I have attended a couple of Brandon's workshops and this one did not disappoint. It was jammed pack with all kinds of useful information for running a successful business. Brandon's passion for teaching and helping the photography community is amazing! He is so encouraging and this industry is blessed to have him. He is a wealth of knowledge and his larger than life personality makes the hours fly by. Thanks for everything Brandon! You Rock!."


"Heading into the Brandon Burton's Workshop I was a bit nervous and so eager to learn new things. After walking in the door all of that nervous energy went right out the window! Brandon made my first workshop experience better than I could have ever imagined. The amount of pride that he put in this workshop blew me away. He taught straight from his soul and you could tell that he was genuinely passionate about helping people succeed. Since the workshop I have decided to take the next big step in purchasing a studio and putting all of the AMAZING tools from the Newborn Workshop to use! Because of Brandon I am much more comfortable in my photography and my business! I couldn’t have done it without the boost of self-confidence from this wonderful photographer!"




Midwest City, OK

"I just finished Brandon's Master Class in August this year and I truly could not recommend a more genuine, generous, and invested mentor. If you're on the fence about signing up, well....I mean....get off the fence. That sounds highly uncomfortable. And look....
It was SO MUCH MORE than I could have imagined. Not only do I have the tools to progress quickly in my business now -- not having to spend months to years figuring out all of the technical information on my own -- but I also have the confidence to continue pushing through with patience and confidence that it will all work out. Because I have seen it! Two weeks out from the master class, and that class already paid for itself.  
The tools provided along with the extreme motivation from a fabulous mentor has taken me beyond what I previously believed would take me at least a year to get to. I couldn't be more thankful for what I learned, about the business and about myself in that class."



Enid, OK

"I have taken a photography class before (not Brandon burtons), I was lost and more confused by the end of it, I can honestly say Brandon cares about you and your business he wants you to do amazing!!! 
When I started with Brandon’s 2 day business seminar I would never think I would be where I am now. Because of that day I have now taken a one on one, 2 newborn workshops, a 8 week master class and shadowed a wedding! Every single one has been amazing from the environment to meeting new people to being a sponge for learning. My business is actually a business, I have tripled my clients, feel confident as a photographer and business owner! I cannot wait for my husband and I to continue our education!!! Saying Brandon is my fairy god father is a understatement 😂😊. If you want your business to flourish and meet some amazing people in the process take one of these classes! You will not regret it!!!"


Kim K.

Edmond, OK

"I could not recommend Brandon masters class more! I went into it only taking photos for friends and family ( always thought of myself as a hobby photographer). In the masters course Brandon gives you all the information to take your photography to the next level as a business. He shares EVERYTHING, I never felt like there were steps missing or he was withholding information. He genuinely wants you to succeed! I now have the confidence to run a successful photography business!"


Holly E.

Weatherford, OK

"This is one of the best self investments for yourself and your business! If you've ever thought about starting a business or have wanted to learn to take better photos just for fun or maybe you have had a business for years but have plateaued.... take a course with Brandon! He is truly an open book with his knowledge and WANTS others to be successful in their photography journey. He will give you all the "tools" you need, you just have to use them! This has been one of the most self rewarding investment for myself and my new business. If you have any questions, please contact me! I've taken his business seminar, private learn your dslr and photoshop mentorship and his master class. I wouldn't be where I am today without Brandon's help!"


Brittany D.

Oklahoma City

"These classes have been so great! ❤️ I took the last master class assuming I'd feel out of place since I didn't know anything about my camera... however, we did an orientation and it turns out most of the class was in a similar place as me. I'mexcited to see a phase two coming for this!!!! I'm already so much further than I expected I would be in a few months.
I also took the group DSLR class, and the one on one DSLR training class to relearn my camera, as well as the two day business class. Anytime you can get in on a workshop I highly recommend it. Brandon is amazing and is building a great community!!!"


Kailee H.

Yukon, OK

"Brandon has transformed my photography business into an actual business. When I met Brandon I was just taking a manual class on how to become more familiar with my camera. I was so intrigued by the business aspect of it that I decided to started to start my own photography business. Brandon has taught me so much just in the 7 months I've known him. His two day business seminar is what gave me the strength to know I could start my business if I just believed in myself. I went on to take other classes with him including his 8 week course and he has changed my perspective on photography. He has helped my business grow into something I never dreamed it could be. I'm so blessed to have him as my mentor and now call him a friend."


Hana B.

Yukon, OK

“Before taking Brandon's Business Seminar my photography business was very stagnant. His seminar literally lit a fire and I decided then to take his 8 Week Master Class. Little did I know it would change my entire life! He showed, taught and gave me the confidence that launched my business to the next level. Suddenly, I had people contacting me left and right about sessions. I took the skills he gave me and it paid off more than I can express. I never imagined I would be here, but I am. Thank you Brandon for everything you taught me and believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself!"


Amy C.

Ada, OK

"I can’t say enough about how much Brandon’s classes have helped me grow! 
I have taken several of his classes and I recommend all of them my favorite was the master class! I have never been so motivated to push and go get what I want out of my dreams! if you want to grow your business you HAVE to take his classes! 
Every class I have take with Brandon I have taken a leap in my business and now have a studio on Main Street and get to live the dream of this being my business! 
You won’t be disappointed!"


Karen H.

Edmond, OK

"Sign up now!!💜This business seminar this past January brought so much excitement to my photography journey. I immediately sign up for his Newborn Workshop in February and then onto his Masterclass. Probably one of the must challenging classes I’ve ever done in my life. Would I do it again, YES! He was so patient and truly cares about you not only as a photographer but as a human being. 
He’s always there for his students. 
Photography has brought so much joy to my life. 
Thank you a Brandon Michael Burton for what you do! My mentor, my friend for life!!💜🙏🏻📷💜"


Jaylene S.

Edmond, OK

"I took Brandon’s Learn your DSLR Camera Class in March of this year. I had only owned my camera your 2-3 weeks. He was very thorough and took time teaching every student. I left that class knowing how to use my camera in Manual mode with no previous experience.
I then took a giant leap and signed up for his 8 week masterclass!😳
I believed I didn’t even know enough about my camera or the photography business in general to take the class, but I did it anyway.
It was the best decision I could have ever made for my photography business!
I started the class with just my camera and knowing Manual Mode...
I left the class with pictures to build my portfolio, prints and products to sell to my clients, pricing catalogs, a scheduling system, a way to take payments, a website, how to build forms for sales and how to have a sale, how to understand photoshop and the list goes on and on!!!!
But mostly I left the class knowing that I know Brandon will always be there if I need extra help or encouragement and I gained so much confidence in myself!"

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