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Welcome to the


with Brandon Burton

A 6 week course with Brandon Burton!

It's time to become the professional photographer you've always wanted to be!


Each class lasts 2.5 hours

Tuesday, June 15th at 6pm

Tuesday, June 22nd at 6pm

Tuesday, July 6th at 6pm

Saturday, July 10th at 2pm

Sunday, July 18th at 2pm

Sunday, July 25th at 2pm


Brandon's Studio

located at

3825 NW 166 Ste C6

Edmond, OK





This is the ultimate course you can take with Brandon. Six weeks with Brandon will allow you to develop the skills to master your business, plenty of hands on training, and most importantly you’ll generate income during this process if you play your cards right. The success you'll get out this class will rely on your work ethic.  Going into the 6th year of teaching this class, the content is updated & the material is the strongest it's ever been. If you're ready to become the professional photographer you've always wanted to be then keep reading. Below you'll see the entire line up week by week and don't forget to press play on the video to watch how others have experienced the class.


Learn tools on realizing your purpose and going to terms that this is a calling and a gift

I share with you my story, I introduce you to ways of realizing your self-worth, I share with you how I found the clarity in my life to take the leap into this industry. Trusting the process is key and allowing yourself the time will be a powerful tool. This is also the week where we get to know more about the group and you'll realize you're in the same boat as everyone else. If you're intimidated or worried you're under qualified, you're not! All you need to do is trust this energy pull to pursue the industry and take the leap. Everyone (including myself) is constantly evolving and moving through obstacles. The more in tune you are to your purpose the more obstacles get in your way. Together we'll learn ways on how to juggle the balance and I'll teach you how to streamline your business so you don't have to sacrifice anything to live out your dream. This class will show you how to navigate the areas of your life that you didn't think were possible. 

Branding & Marketing

I will go over my strategies on self-marketing your business with advertising & marketing strategies. Wanna know the trick? It's simple, be YOU! I teach you how you can create a brand and establish virtual trust with your clients. How do you think clients spend thousands of dollars with people before meeting them? I call it virtual trust. It's key in being financially successful in this industry. In order for you to virtually know how to market your audience you need to know your client. I teach you how to fine point your clientele and we go over demographic behavior and purchasing habits and how you can incorporate that into your business. 

Online Funneling & Booking Process for Newborn/Wedding/Regular Sessions

You need to approach your business like an online business. Let's face it, you ARE an online business. Everything you do is online until the day of the photoshoot, am I right? So what if you don't have a studio? You don't need one. What you need as an online business that allows for residual income without you working your butt off. Are you annoyed of all those annoying questions you get asked in Facebook messenger or email for the person to not even book you? Are you annoyed with wasting your time when you should be focused on other things? The solution is provided in this week. I teach you how to streamline your business through an online process that funnels your clients through a process that will ultimately attracts & repels the right/wrong client. Before you know it I promise you will be spending time with your family to check your inbox and find that you made a few hundreds of dollars without doing ANY work. It's magic I tell you! Often times, people ask me how I can handle several businesses and maintain family balance, well THIS system is it! Let me give you the freedom to run your business without you being physically present. This is the golden ticket to a residual income & ongoing business.


Pricing & In-Person Sales

Figuring out how to price something you love is very difficult. Let's face it, if we didn't have bills to pay and a family to take care of we would do photography for free & live in a box. Unfortunately we can't live in a box and we can't run our business for free. I have put together a great system in pricing your digitals, prints & packages that not only is easy to understand but is easy to make profit without being the "salesman" we all hate. Making profit for your business doesn't need to make you feel guilty it should make you feel successful. Not that money means success, it means you have potential growth in the near future and after all that's what you're aiming for. To quit your full time job, to have more time with your family, being able to afford more family trips, to open a studio. You can't have any of that without a streamline of profit. I'll not only teach you how to price but I'll teach how to handle your self-doubt and how you can get out of your own way to make things happen. 


Product Launchpad - Setting Up A Sale/Promotion
Social Media Advertising

I have curated a system called the Product Launchpad. It's a step by step system that allows for you to create, promote and launch a promotion. When I first started my business I was under the radar, I did sales/promotions and as one would say I was "devaluing my worth" I said "I'm running a smart business" Instead of doing what the industry was telling me I shouldn't be doing I went with what I thought was the smart path. Before I knew it I made my first 30K sale in 12 minutes at MIDNIGHT during my Blue Wednesday sale in 2014. It was a game changer for me. I knew at that moment that the Product Launchpad was complete. After several trials and errors & studying my demographic's purchasing behavior I created this magical system. At first I thought maybe it only works for me, well I was wrong. After teaching this system for years photographers pull this strategy and have quit their full time jobs to open up studios. It's a big deal & I'm excited to reveal with you how this system works! In class I will not only teach you how this works but you will actually host a sale for your clients. It's for practice so no worries if you don't sell anything I just want to make sure you know how this works & what to do for after class is over. 


In-Person Sales Competition

Right now this means nothing to you but remember back in week 2 I taught you how to price & how to sell your images during an in-person sales consultation? So week 4 is a competition. You will present to me plus two guest judges and present to us how you would with a client. From start to finish this process that I teach you. Everyone will do this privately in my showroom and at the end the winner gets $100 cash money. Based on a 200 point system we grade you on the entire process. It's a fun way for you to make sure you got this process down. This is also the same day that you will have your sale/promotion. Again, right now this might sound confusing but you're in good hands!


Review & Graduation

The last week a huge review. I will give you a packet to answer the questions you know so we can make sure to connect any missing points. This review is strictly for education, no grading. All good things!  Plus we celebrate the completion of your course!


Limit 8 Photographers



SALE: $750 Use code: YAY100 
code expires May 16th 10pm




Midwest City, OK

"I just finished Brandon's Master Class in August this year and I truly could not recommend a more genuine, generous, and invested mentor. If you're on the fence about signing up, well....I mean....get off the fence. That sounds highly uncomfortable. And look....
It was SO MUCH MORE than I could have imagined. Not only do I have the tools to progress quickly in my business now -- not having to spend months to years figuring out all of the technical information on my own -- but I also have the confidence to continue pushing through with patience and confidence that it will all work out. Because I have seen it! Two weeks out from the master class, and that class already paid for itself.  
The tools provided along with the extreme motivation from a fabulous mentor has taken me beyond what I previously believed would take me at least a year to get to. I couldn't be more thankful for what I learned, about the business and about myself in that class."



Enid, OK

"I have taken a photography class before (not Brandon burtons), I was lost and more confused by the end of it, I can honestly say Brandon cares about you and your business he wants you to do amazing!!! 
When I started with Brandon’s 2 day business seminar I would never think I would be where I am now. Because of that day I have now taken a one on one, 2 newborn workshops, a 8 week master class and shadowed a wedding! Every single one has been amazing from the environment to meeting new people to being a sponge for learning. My business is actually a business, I have tripled my clients, feel confident as a photographer and business owner! I cannot wait for my husband and I to continue our education!!! Saying Brandon is my fairy god father is a understatement 😂😊. If you want your business to flourish and meet some amazing people in the process take one of these classes! You will not regret it!!!"


Kim K.

Edmond, OK

"I could not recommend Brandon masters class more! I went into it only taking photos for friends and family ( always thought of myself as a hobby photographer). In the masters course Brandon gives you all the information to take your photography to the next level as a business. He shares EVERYTHING, I never felt like there were steps missing or he was withholding information. He genuinely wants you to succeed! I now have the confidence to run a successful photography business!"


Holly E.

Weatherford, OK

"This is one of the best self investments for yourself and your business! If you've ever thought about starting a business or have wanted to learn to take better photos just for fun or maybe you have had a business for years but have plateaued.... take a course with Brandon! He is truly an open book with his knowledge and WANTS others to be successful in their photography journey. He will give you all the "tools" you need, you just have to use them! This has been one of the most self rewarding investment for myself and my new business. If you have any questions, please contact me! I've taken his business seminar, private learn your dslr and photoshop mentorship and his master class. I wouldn't be where I am today without Brandon's help!"


Brittany D.

Oklahoma City

"These classes have been so great! ❤️ I took the last master class assuming I'd feel out of place since I didn't know anything about my camera... however, we did an orientation and it turns out most of the class was in a similar place as me. I'mexcited to see a phase two coming for this!!!! I'm already so much further than I expected I would be in a few months.
I also took the group DSLR class, and the one on one DSLR training class to relearn my camera, as well as the two day business class. Anytime you can get in on a workshop I highly recommend it. Brandon is amazing and is building a great community!!!"


Kailee H.

Yukon, OK

"Brandon has transformed my photography business into an actual business. When I met Brandon I was just taking a manual class on how to become more familiar with my camera. I was so intrigued by the business aspect of it that I decided to started to start my own photography business. Brandon has taught me so much just in the 7 months I've known him. His two day business seminar is what gave me the strength to know I could start my business if I just believed in myself. I went on to take other classes with him including his 8 week course and he has changed my perspective on photography. He has helped my business grow into something I never dreamed it could be. I'm so blessed to have him as my mentor and now call him a friend."


Hana B.

Yukon, OK

“Before taking Brandon's Business Seminar my photography business was very stagnant. His seminar literally lit a fire and I decided then to take his 8 Week Master Class. Little did I know it would change my entire life! He showed, taught and gave me the confidence that launched my business to the next level. Suddenly, I had people contacting me left and right about sessions. I took the skills he gave me and it paid off more than I can express. I never imagined I would be here, but I am. Thank you Brandon for everything you taught me and believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself!"


Amy C.

Ada, OK

"I can’t say enough about how much Brandon’s classes have helped me grow! 
I have taken several of his classes and I recommend all of them my favorite was the master class! I have never been so motivated to push and go get what I want out of my dreams! if you want to grow your business you HAVE to take his classes! 
Every class I have take with Brandon I have taken a leap in my business and now have a studio on Main Street and get to live the dream of this being my business! 
You won’t be disappointed!"


Karen H.

Edmond, OK

"Sign up now!!💜This business seminar this past January brought so much excitement to my photography journey. I immediately sign up for his Newborn Workshop in February and then onto his Masterclass. Probably one of the must challenging classes I’ve ever done in my life. Would I do it again, YES! He was so patient and truly cares about you not only as a photographer but as a human being. 
He’s always there for his students. 
Photography has brought so much joy to my life. 
Thank you a Brandon Michael Burton for what you do! My mentor, my friend for life!!💜🙏🏻📷💜"


Jaylene S.

Edmond, OK

"I took Brandon’s Learn your DSLR Camera Class in March of this year. I had only owned my camera your 2-3 weeks. He was very thorough and took time teaching every student. I left that class knowing how to use my camera in Manual mode with no previous experience.
I then took a giant leap and signed up for his 8 week masterclass!😳
I believed I didn’t even know enough about my camera or the photography business in general to take the class, but I did it anyway.
It was the best decision I could have ever made for my photography business!
I started the class with just my camera and knowing Manual Mode...
I left the class with pictures to build my portfolio, prints and products to sell to my clients, pricing catalogs, a scheduling system, a way to take payments, a website, how to build forms for sales and how to have a sale, how to understand photoshop and the list goes on and on!!!!
But mostly I left the class knowing that I know Brandon will always be there if I need extra help or encouragement and I gained so much confidence in myself!"

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